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Become a Lecbo’s local Distributor or sales professionals


Lecbo is looking for sales partners around the world who can help us expand our market reach. We are quite flexible with our terms of partnership, including possible exclusive sales partnership for some region. We are opened to partnerships with companies,and we are also interested in partnering with independent professionals.If it sounds interesting to you, So :


If you feel you have what it takes -- the commitment, the drive, and the knowledge - to faithfully represent Lecbo products and services, drive business value, and help us build the vision of improving the lives of persons with disabilities, we invite you to mail us for application .


If you are interested in adding new in-car safety products to your current product offerings we would like to hear from you!


If you feel you could deliver solid value on a more limited set of products or services, we would like to hear from you


If there are some strong qualified candidate to be our distributor your would like Recommend , we would like to hear from you as well.


Remember, you do not necessarily need to represent the complete Lecbo line, one or more seris is ok .


We would like to bring you on to a team that is focused on marketing and promoting quality products. We would like you to be a part of our team to help in reinforcing a credible, well-known, customer focused brand like Lecbo


10 REASONS to Join Lecbo


1.) We provide Catalogs to help you sell.

2.) Easy ordering system.

3.) We provide LIVE HELP during business hours via phone or web.

4.) We provide consultation on marketing your business.

5.) We have flexible programs.

6.) Right to use Pictures and Specs. from our website.

7.) We offer over 400 on-car safety products.

8.) We provide fully functional affiliate sites.

9.) We provide our distributor with updated technical and other specific information

10.) Access to Lecbo’s committed international Sales teams


For more information on becoming a Lecbo International Distributor, please contact:



Skype: lecbo.kevin
Tel: +86 20 37286301
Fax: +86 20 37286302


If you are contacting us by email, please provide the following information:


1.) Your name

2.) Company Name

3.) Contact Information

4.) Country

5.) Information about your company , your customer base, industries/markets that you sell into

6.) Current market/economic condition in your country

7.) Competitor Information

8.) Current products/pricing in your market



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