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    Industry news
The new wave of crime prevention: GPS tracking device [ 2015-06-14] 
ICE Release Illegal Crossers with GPS Trackers [ 2015-06-14] 
GPS tracking device leads police to Loop bank robbery suspect [ 2015-06-13] 
AIG Sindh suggests to install GPS trackers in motorbikes [ 2015-06-10] 
How Car GPS Tracking Systems Work & Can Help Solve Crimes [ 2014-11-10] 
GPS installed by used-car dealer helps police find abducted woman [ 2014-11-07] 
Track your dog with a GPS collar to save 20pc on insurance [ 2014-11-05] 
New expert group to look into GPS tracking for more offenders [ 2014-11-04] 
GPS tracking of offenders to be tested [ 2014-11-03] 
Temple project uses GPS to better understand life with a serious mental illness [ 2014-10-31] 
NY lawmakers propose GPS tracking ban [ 2014-10-30] 
Trekkers in Nepal could be soon be made to take GPS tracking devices with them under new tourism rules following Himalayan avalanche [ 2014-10-28] 
Yosemite rangers try to keep hungry bears at bay by using GPS tracking collars [ 2014-10-27] 
GPS monitoring of criminals proves effective [ 2014-10-24] 
Jackie's Law Aims to Prevent GPS Stalking [ 2014-10-23] 
Bus-tracker: GPS shows school staff precise information [ 2014-10-22] 
GPS Based Real Estate Mobile App Released [ 2014-10-20] 
More Port Authority buses equipped with GPS [ 2014-10-17] 
Activists use GPS to track illegal loggers in Brazil's Amazon rainforest [ 2014-10-16] 
Pleasant Hill: GPS on stolen item leads police to home-invasion robbery suspects [ 2014-10-15] 
New research utilizes GPS collars to track, study Central Florida bears [ 2014-10-14] 
GPS tracking finds badly-hidden stolen digger [ 2014-10-13] 
Tiny GPS Tracking Device Locates Lost Pets [ 2014-10-10] 
NY proposal: Use GPS tech to fight domestic violence [ 2014-10-09] 
Steuben official: GPS monitors saving on jail costs [ 2014-10-08] 
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