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ICE Release Illegal Crossers with GPS Trackers
2015-06-14 11:26:17


MCALLEN -People who crossed the border illegally are being released by federal authorities with GPS trackers

 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement called the trackers as part of their “alternatives to detention” program.

 They tested the trackers on a handful of illegal crossers back in December 2014. ICE told CHANNEL 5 NEWS the devices were successful in getting people to show up to their court hearings.

 A single mother paid more than $6,000 for human smugglers to move her family from Guatemala to the United States. “It was very dangerous, and I had my baby with me,” she shared.

 She and her 4-year-old son are headed to Boston, Massachusetts. Authorities are tracking her as she travels. “They told me that it had to be charged, and to not let it lose charge,” she said.

Sacred Heart Church volunteers started seeing the ankle bracelets a week ago. They said they had seen them before.

 That was back in December. That only lasted maybe a week or so. Then they stopped and we hadn’t seen them since then. Until this past Wednesday, when all the sudden they just showed up,” said shelter director Eli Fernandez.

 Volunteers said every single adult dropped off by Border Patrol at the McAllen bus station within the last week wore a tracker.

 ICE said the GPS trackers help keep immigrants accountable for release conditions, court appearances and orders of removal.


They said any illegal crosser who is healthy, not pregnant and over the age of 18, will wear a tracker if they are released from detention.

 The Guatemalan national said she hoped for a better life after crossing the border but she doesn’t think she will get to stay. “They told me they were going to deport me,” she said.

 ICE said each person outfitted with a tracker will wear it until they reach their destination city.

 The single mother will meet with authorities in Boston and they will determine how long the tracker has to stay on.

 ICE's statement to CHANNEL 5 NEWS:

 "U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program is a flight-mitigation tool that uses technology and case management to increase compliance with release conditions and facilitate compliance with court appearances and final orders of removal while allowing participants to remain in their community as they move through immigration proceedings.

 When making release determinations, ICE officers review cases individually and enroll eligible individuals, including adults with children, in the ATD Program as deemed appropriate. Currently, individuals apprehended and released from ICE custody from sites along the border may be enrolled in ATD and assigned GPS monitoring to ensure compliance with instructions to report to the designated ICE office nearest their destination city. Upon arrival at their final destination, the local ICE office responsible for managing their case will make any further determinations with regards to continued enrollment in the ATD program and the appropriate level of case management."

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