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Product Overview

It is the most Slimmest and Smallest car jump starter which can be used to jump start the powered off car outdoor in emergency. also , it can work as the power bank for tablet PC, smart phone and other digital devices. Since the bright LED integrated, you would find it is also a good light tool for emergency illumination. Since the small size as Iphone, user even can bring it into their pocket and take it out to charge the mobile /tablet PC if power run out or Jump starting the vehicle when car battery run out.

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Ø Rubber oil coating finish ,good sense of touch g and anti- dust.

Ø Nice looking with Mini size and Iphone 5S -like shape 

Ø Portable compact design ,easy to put into your pocket, backpack, or glove box 

Ø CE/ RoHS/FCC certified  and keep in line with related quality and enviroment standards

Ø Most Slimmest and Smallest  car jump starter for tablet PC charging beside jump starting

Ø Use high power Lithium-ion polymer cells, fast charging and less self-discharge cycles . 

Ø Provide mulit-function for different purpose of applicatin 

Ø Safe, reliable and intelligent power managemet mechanism to protect Its circuit 

    A. Short-circuit and everse charge protection    

    B. Over-charging protection

    C. Over-discharging protection                              

    D. Overload protection


Application :

Ø Multi-function for different purpose of application :

Ø Car jump starting: Powerful capability to emergency jump start 12V vehicle/Motorcycle/ 

      Gas-boat/Snowmobile for more then 10 times after a fully recharge (under 3000cc)

Ø LED light which is in 3 switchable way:Ultra bright torchlight as illumination; strobe lights/burst 

      flashing as warning indicator, SOS distress signal as an emergent tool, can lasts 120 hours

Ø Charge for 5V/2A digital devices: mobile phone, Ipad, PDA, PSP,MP4/MP5, tablet PC, PDA...

Ø Break tempered automobile window glass during a vehicular accident.

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