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Product Overview

Product Name: GCG series Web-based tracking system GCGmate

GCGmate a complete web-based solution provides users with GPS-based location information in real-time for efficient fleet management. It suite perfectly to help fleet owners to do more with less efforts. It gives you the measurement and the reporting tool to lower down your costs and increase the efficiency of your fleet, drivers and helps you to be more competitive. Managing the routes and dispatch never been so easy and flexible as it is with GCGmate. It provides real time tracking data in bird eye view to know exactly the whereabouts of your fleet. It helps organization to work more efficiently and make faster decisions on critical analysis of the historical data. A wide range of fleet management features are available, including:

• Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
• Routing & Dispatching
• Mapping and Reporting
• Vehicle Maintenance
• Driver Status
• In-Vehicle Telemetry
• Two-way Messaging
• Dashboard

A Feature-Rich, Scalable Platform

Offered on a scalable platform,GCGmate brings together every piece of critical fleet data and delivers it to back-office applications enabling fleet managers to make better informed decisions and unifying mobile workforces to improve business processes and increase efficiencies.Quite simply, GCGmate makes it easier and faster for you to enjoy the benefits of GPS vehicle and mobile resource tracking and telematics.

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Real Time Tracking
Track the vehicles or assets in real time with different viewing options available (Bird eye view, single vehicle)
Full mapping interface to various applications including Google Maps/Map24/Bing Maps/Yandex Maps/Digital Maps
Real-time display of vehicle position, speed and direction enables Dispatchers to pinpoint customer locations on a map and locate the nearest vehicle
History Replay
Historical data replay on the map with different option like History replay, Trace Print, Visited Points
Comprehensive reports providing relevant vehicle, driver  and routing information
Provide automatic access to all fleet location and vehicle usage data to increase productivity and efficiency. Reports include Activity, Driver Status, Landmark, Geofence, Vehicle Status, Vehicle Maintenance, Telemetry, Exception, Speeding, and many more
Report Scheduling
Easily schedule your requested reports to your email address and forget generating the reports each day.
Real-time notification alerts when events have been triggered (e.g. Geofence crossing, Engine Turn ON, Speed Violation)
Enhance driver safety and secure vehicle assets with authorization features and alerts on your mobile or emails
Zone Management
Know where your vehicle is at all times, increase the security of your assets by generating alerts once a vehicle crosses a user-defined Zone.
Unlimited number of POI’s
Analyze trip duration and stop times to optimize business practices that range from more efficient routing to more accurate customer billing
Multiple Telemetry inputs and outputs
Greater insight to work completed, and increase safety and security for mobile resources and assets with remote monitoring and control of vehicles
Vehicle Diagnostic interface (J1708/J1939 Engine Interface, OBDII Gateway)
Monitor vehicle performance and lower maintenance costs by identifying problems before they become major repair bills
Two-way Messaging
Increase driver safety and streamline communications between the driver and dispatch operations with in-cab two-way messaging.
Complete Control
You can have complete control on all the vehicles like lock/unlock, two way voice communication, immobilizer, video monitoring etc.
The dashboard offered you updated information for your fleet or vehicle in one view.
The routing feature gives you plenty in one window. It can give you different option of generating the routes based on address, vehicle or POI and also helps those route to be transmitted to the MT-400
You can assign different access level to manage the user interaction as well as you can create unlimited accounts, vehicle, drivers, and so on.

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