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Product Overview

Product Name: GCG series Rechargeable Asset GPS Trackers (SMS + GPRS based) TL51

TL51 is a internal battery-powered tracker , which gives you real-time location viewing of the objective from the smal gadget to large equipment .
it's fully rechargeable battery can run for one month or more under Power Saving Mode, and one day or more under normal use, and with motion
-activated tracking, you won't waste any battery life when your target isn't moving; with the magnet shell, it can be easy fixed on the outdoor mach-
ine, equipment or facilities; also, with its SOS button, it is also can be a option for vehicle tracking solution

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•  A-GPS Technology
•  LBS(Location Based System) technology, Get Location without GPS satellite
•  SMS/GPRS optional(can enalbe/disable the transmission mode)
•  Anti-jamming technology, automatic immobilize when detected GSM jamming(optional) 
•  Vibration sensor for intelligent power management
•  Built-in temperature sensor
•  IP68 Waterproof (up to 10 meter)
•  Battery health indication
•  Installation free, Magnet shell optional
•  SMART STOP (optional)
•  User friendly operations, Easy tracking through SMS
•  Setting Free, automatically set Mobile operator and parameter
•  64 Geo-fences
•  8 Routes 
•  Harsh brake alarm 
•  OTA configuration
•  Long life rechargeable battery, working up to 1 year (2messages a day)
•  Internal memory

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